Whether you have a diagnosed mental illness such as an eating disorder, or an utterly convinced mind of your lack of value in relation to your self worth, there are many things that can help to shut the lying voice up. It is an incredibly difficult journey, with incredible joy and freedom to be found in recovery. Support groups are used to create a loving and accepting environment in which the voice of goodness can be heard. Creative outlets such as art, and accomplishments such as internships, help to grow your self esteem.

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We are taking requests for group workshops- these are great fun for friends during school holidays & on weekends!

Workshops are £45pp (minimum 6 per group) and run from 10am-2pm (other times available with negotiation) This price includes all materials & clothing to paint on to, and for the 4 hour session, lead by Sarah (The Boss) through all stages of creating a garment, from designs & colours, to painting techniques. It doesn't cover travel or food expenses, light snacks can be arranged as necessary.

Please email to find out availability of your selected date(s)

Images of the workshop space will be up soon!