Whether you have a diagnosed mental illness such as an eating disorder, or an utterly convinced mind of your lack of value in relation to your self worth, there are many things that can help to shut the lying voice up. It is an incredibly difficult journey, with incredible joy and freedom to be found in recovery. Support groups are used to create a loving and accepting environment in which the voice of goodness can be heard. Creative outlets such as art, and accomplishments such as internships, help to grow your self esteem.

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#BeautyIsFreedom Bloggers

So you might have noticed, we've got backing from quite a few fashion bloggers for #beautyisfreedom, who have photographed themselves, bare-faced for the campaign! These girls are surrounded by images of unachievable beauty every day, and know the pressures of maintaining an image in order to gain a following. Who better to get insight from, on what is quite a difficult and personal daily battle for many... They have a lot to share, so I've created this space for us to hear from them....

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We believe that true beauty is simply having the freedom to be fully yourself... let us show you why...

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