Winter Olympic Inspiration

How inspiring is it when you see women be reach the top of their game? I was so pleased in these winter olympics to see the British women's curling team take Bronze, Lizzy Yarnold win gold in skeleton, and Jenny Jones, from our home of Bristol, get Bronze in snowboard slopestyle. All their hard work being recognised and celebrated.
When I was learning to snowboard on the nearby dry slope, I was much more interested when Lesley McKenna was competing for Team GB. I felt I had someone to look to, to inspire me, push me forward and show what is possible when you put all your effort in. Having good role models your life can be so helpful. Spending time with these people, reading about them or watching those that are good at what you want to do can give you drive and encourage you to learn. It could be anyone and anything, from how much your mum cares for your family, the musician who is performing at the concert you are at, the designer who thinks up the clothes you dream of wearing, or your friend who is so good at complimenting and uplifting people. Seeing how far Jenny Jones has gone is inspiring to me. It seems more real when I hear she is from my home city and she only started snowboarding when she had a free lesson on the dry ski slope when she was seventeen. It makes it seem achievable.
At school I loved to sew, design and do art, but I didn't have anyone to look to and I was in an academically driven school, so I lacked direction. I didn't know all the options for me when I was leaving school, I was just told to "apply to anything, you don't want to be stuck at home being a housewife, so choose teaching or something". I wanted to do art and have a family, so I felt very discouraged. Thankfully with support from my parents, friends and a design teacher informing me of what options there were, I was able to think seriously about a creative career. Now after graduating, having the experience of several art, design and textiles courses and enjoying several creative jobs, I am so glad I went for it. I needed all the support and encouragement I could get along the way, but I am happy in the work I do, using talents I have been blessed with and I feel I am being true to myself. Now I try and challenge myself to live in a way that would make me a good role model for others.
I encourage you to surround yourself with people who inspire you, support you, or give you the drive you need. Do that subject you really enjoy, even if jobs prospects aren't favourable, times will change, opportunities arise. Apply for that internship that will help you hone your skills. Take that trip to learn about different cultures and learn priceless life lessons.
In celebration of the women in Team GB winning at doing what they love best, have a look at our Winter Olym-picks!
Desire to inspire, before you expire!
Lizzie, Sarah, Chloe

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