Yoyoyo! It's Sarah here,
I want to introduce to you some pieces from our new collection which will be released in T-Minus 10 days!
As always here at WAHP theres a lot of thought and meaning behind what we did with this collection. You may have noticed that this blog gives simple stories to explain the heart behind our work- which is so often about real confidence, real beauty and real success… perhaps the theme is reality.
So recently I've been asking, 'why do I work'.
No really, actually, why???
I'm not sure you're getting it.
I mean like, really, really, REALLY, WHY!?! #iykwim
I mean, I obviously enjoy it, I can't imagine a job I could enjoy more, but work takes up a massive chunk of life. Even if you have the best job in the world, which you love and enjoy, is a job really ever worth dedicating so much of your time, effort and life to?
I'm not talking about money. We obviously all need money so that we can pay for the cost of actually living, unless you can hunt and live in the woods and wash in the river, which is sometimes a tempting idea, but not entirely realistic.
Now I could answer this question really easily with: I enjoy it, it brings in money so I can eat, have a family, go on holiday etc, which are really good reasons, but when I started thinking about the reality of other peoples lives and started getting some pretty heavy perspective, these reasons were just not enough.
Watching Sport Relief this year was dreadful. Each year they seem to have to make the reality of other people's suffering even more real to us. Claudia couldn't handle it either. So I pretty much cried through the whole thing. Even the parts that were supposed to lift your spirits again, like the dancing paralympians made me cry. Bob was the story that hit me hardest, because now that I'm married I'm getting more and more aware that one of us will die before the other. Although to be fair, I've told God that he has to let us both die at the same time in our sleep when were old and ready… sooooo.
I believe that there is something for each of us to do- a plan for our lives, a meaning, a purpose, and to find what it is often takes a lot of patience, wisdom and humility. That plan isn't to give Peter a job in accounting so that he can support a family. That a job in accounting, performed honestly, with integrity, positively with perseverance will grow Peter's character. So Peter isn't an accountant. Peter is an honest, hardworking man, growing in patience, wisdom, maturity, humility, hope and love, who is able to love his life, family, friends, strangers and himself, fully.
Character is essential. Who you are and what you chose to be makes the difference between whether you have fulfilment & hope or dissatisfaction & despair.
So in anything you do, in studying, travelling, employment, unemployment, volunteering, chilling, eating, laughing, crying, painting, talking, loving, baking, running, washing the dishes, do it to grow in character, understanding, discipline, patience, friendliness, generosity and love, so that you can fulfil your purpose and find it too, making you fully you, and fully useful.
So why did I mention Sport Relief?
Well, in our efforts to become more loving and more generous, the cry of people who are suffering is becoming deafening.
Now I'm not sure that I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to be doing yet, I believe it's a journey and I'm interested to see where God goes with all of this. But right now, we need to help people more. So we have a plan.
Our new collection is called 'LifeSaving Garments'. Whenever you purchase one of these, we use part of the money to buy a lifesaving gift for someone in need. You can choose how you would like the money to be spent, by selecting out of a range of options, such as- giving malaria nets, vaccines, business start ups, hot meals, shoes and water purification tablets.
We can't fix everything, but we can help.
Lots of love
& Blessings
Sarah, Lizzie & Chloe

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Nov 12, 2014

A round of applause for your blog article.Thanks Again. Really Cool.


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