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Last week we started working on our greatest project yet- our 'Beauty is Freedom' campaign! We're making a film to encourage you all that you are beautiful just the way you are and you deserve to be loved and adored!

So we got up at sunrise, took the beautiful Zoe Suen & a ridiculously happy little doggy out and went out to frolic happily in the forest! We had a long day filming, and photographed the newest collection -Pooch (sensing a theme yet?)

You know real beauty when you see it. I see beauty in dogs. They know how to enjoy the world, they're not trying to be anything else but a dog, full of joy, fun and freedom. I believe that this is the reason they are so adored- they're being themselves and not thinking about what they look like or who they should be- and this is where our 'Beauty is Freedom' campaign will begin! Keep your eyes out for the campaign launch at the end of November <3



That's all I can tell you about that for now!


There are a few deals happening at the moment and that are about to go live!!

- Share to win £100 WAHP voucher- head to Facebook or Instagram to enter

- 10KGIFT- when we hit 10K on Facebook and Instagram, a code will be unlocked so that all orders placed before Christmas will be sent out with a free gift of equal value to that which you purchase! Perfect for Christmas gift shopping! All the more reason to share our work with your friends!

- A code will soon be released where orders of over £200 will get a £50 WAHP voucher for free!


Coming soon:

Rush painting & Christmas Gift guide <3


I hope your having a wonderful week! Keep up with ours on Snapchat > wearehairypeopl <

Lots of love! <3

Sarah X


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Mar 23, 2016

I’ve been in love with your shop for a while now but I’ve only just discovered your blog, so here I am :) I just wanted to say that I really love what you do, everything you paint and make, the enterprise programme is amazing and I love your take on modelling. The campaign you did with the bloggers is also so cool, we need more people like you in the fashion industry to let us all fully understand that its okay to be ourselves and not compare ourselves to others.

Having read a few of your blog posts now I feel like I have a bit more of an idea of who you are now, I especially loved the dance it out video, it made me laugh (in a good way). I too am someone people often refer to as shy, I think sometimes the label itself just makes me a bit more ‘shy’, a bit more awkward, when I meet new people. I guess I don’t have the best self esteem, and my deafness doesn’t help that. Anyway, sorry I’ve just gone off on one! I was telling you how much I love what you’re doing right? Well anyway I can’t wait to see what’s to come and also congrats on your new baby, he’s adorable!

All the best,

Zanna x


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