A Lovely Day

We Are Hairy People had such a wonderful day yesterday, shooting our new collection on Zoey- the most beautiful girl in the world. (Inside and out)

We've been friends with Zoey since she was 12 or 13, and she has always been honest, loving and very endearing! 

Her first shoot was with me (Sarah)- in my back garden, she barely had to do anything to look like a professional model, her loveliness just came through in all of her images.

She will always be WAHP number one.

Zoey has inspired us so much, in many ways, but most of all because she let us know that we managed to encourage and support her in her self esteem and self image during difficult times, through modelling opportunities, which gave us the idea of trying to do it for others too.

Here she is, beautiful as always, in the images from yesterday!






We really love this collection! Usually we would pick out a favourite piece and tell you why it's good, but we just love it all!

We love the sporty trend and tropics at the moments, so we mixed the two up a bit and added a splash of WAHPness, and we're really pleased with the pieces.

The new collection, Tropic, will be uploaded to our website for sale later today!

Super duper!


We hope you have a lovely time frolicking in the sunshine this weekend- we're heading to Torquay for some Spiffing English Riviera Therapy- I'll take some pictures to show you ;)

We also have some very exciting news which we will tell you about soon!



Sarah & Lizzie


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