We had a lovely time with family and friends at our Topshop launch earlier in the week :)

Both of my sisters surprised me and came all the way to London to see my work, which meant more to me than actually getting my work in to Topshop. All of my great big family-in-law also came to support me, so I felt like I had a great big team!

These are my sisters- Lucy, Sophie and Me (Sarah)

My sisters and I haven't always been that close- we're all very different, but we we know that we mean the world to each other. 

I'm the youngest out of the 3 of us. Lucy is my boisterous (middle) older sister- she would be the one who would beat up anyone who was mean to me. She was my defender and my boss. I once had a nasty fall on a busy ice skating rink, and Lucy skated over immediately, picked me up and shuffled on her skates to the edge of the rink, telling the stewards to go away cause 'I'm her sister, I'll look after her thanks'.

Sophie is the oldest sister, she was always the wisest and the most reasonable, keeping crazy me and Lucy in check. She used to have the loudest laugh you ever heard in your life. She was so free and loved a spontaneous life- she would drive me around in her bikini and flip flops, laughing her insanely loud laugh every five minutes, listening to rave music and just being ridiculously funny and so smiley. We love thunderstorms and got drenched together in them.

I have two lovely sisters-in-law as well, I'm like the queen of sisters.

Although we love each other, I'm pretty sure we all hated each other a lot of the time when we were younger- I was especially annoying because I was the youngest. There are so many reasons why we could still struggle with each other now, but love is a choice, and when one (or both) of you chooses to humbly, forgivingly & patiently love, the other notices and you can enter in to that love together. Nothing negative that my sisters have ever done or will ever do matters to me- they are automatically forgiven and completely loved by me, no matter how different we are or how difficult a situation is, nor how much it costs me.

Choosing to love is so important. I don't think it's true when people say that falling in love wasn't their choice, or falling out with someone wasn't their choice.

For example, a guy who is married, who says he's fallen in love with someone else- at some point he made choices to engage with the new person, a choice to continue responding to any feelings he is having, and many more choices to give up on the first person. You might not always have the feeling of being in love, in fact I'd say it's really unlikely, but that's why things like marriage vows and promises are so important, because love is a choice. Falling out is also a choice, because even when someone treats you badly, you can still chose to love them, which takes a lot of humility and softness of heart.

That doesn't mean that you lie down and take crap though. To show this humble, costly, forgiving love is divine, it's very honourable and holy. However you also have to love yourself and to do that you need to put boundaries in place that protect you, but does not harm the other person- and I think so often we put boundaries up to protect & defend ourselves, but that hurt the other person, and does not allow us to love them nor chose to love them anymore.

A good boundary is to not apologise for breathing- or to put it in a different way- for who you are. Whether the other person forgives you or not, doing something that hurts someone else, by accident or on purpose, does not make you a bad person and so you don't have to apologise for being a bad person.

If I'm walking down the street and I accidentally step on a nail, or step on it on purpose, I don't suddenly start shouting 'oh no- I'm a nail! I trod on a nail and so now I must be a nail'. You've just slipped up, and trod on a nail. You can pull it out and move on, and forgive yourself for doing something you didn't want to do. If you are mean, by accident or on purpose, you are not a mean person, you have just been mean. Once you've apologised, whether that's accepted or not, you don't have to beat yourself up, nor keep apologising. 

Mistakes just aren't that bad. And you have to chose to love yourself and your weaknesses, otherwise it can waste a lot of your life. Then don't let anyone tell you that you are worth any less.

You are worth so much.

Don't do the opposite though, not acknowledging that you've stepped on a nail shows no love. Love is patient, kind, does not envy, nor boast, it's not proud. Love doesn't dishonour others, it's not self seeking, nor easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in the dark, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, trusts, hopes and always perseveres. Love never fails.

Love costs a bomb, and it's worth it.


We love you all very much. I hope you get to see some of our work in London, and if not, hopefully there will be more opportunities for We Are Hairy People in the future, as we hope to grow and spread the love. We shall see!


We hope you have a sweet weekend,


Sarah & Lizzie,


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