Real Love

I wish I could make everyone WAHP garments for free! How amazing would that be! Unfortunately, I would be able to do it for less than one brilliant month before the whole business would go under and WAHP would be no more.
But imagine if I did.
I Love giving Love, and the brilliant thing about giving Love is that it urges people to give Love back.
That's how We Are Hairy People started as well; I was taking part in an exhibition at University, and I decided to make t-shirts that people were just allowed to take. My sign just said, "I Love you, so have a t-shirt". The funny thing was that those people who took the t-shirts, although they knew my Love was free, wanted to give me something back anyway, and they started a little donation box. I actually ended up getting more money back than I spent on the blank t-shirts- I worked out that I had been given, without asking, £2.72/ hour of labour. That's amazing.
These things have got me thinking recently, because I truly believe that Love should be free. There's no one I know who would have to earn my love- it's given to anyone who wants it. I feel the same about forgiveness and apologies, which I give out freely regardless of whether they're deserved or accepted, because no one is perfect, and I'll need the same at some point, humility is valuable.
A wise friend of mine, talked with me recently about how we can have a consumer-like attitude towards Love in relationships, which reduces that Love to a mutually beneficial transaction, driven by self interest.
Love is so much more.
I'm not saying, marry that dude who doesn't give enough, so that you can practice selfless giving for the rest of your life. No way. Settle for nothing less than perfect in your eyes. I am saying that when you've been married to that right person for years, and it's looking pear-shaped- you haven't fallen out of Love, because Love is a choice.
There is an inspiring, humble, patient, truthful, powerful, calm, trusting, strong, persevering Love, which has no pride, anger or record of wrongs, that puts all others before itself. That is a Love we can all be a part of, that we can all offer freely.
That's a world I'd like to live in! #heaven
So until it's time for WAHP to go under, I'll keep accepting payments for painting your orders. But you might have noticed, each time I do a 'giveaway' or offer discount codes, there is a little #freelove written alongside ;)
Speaking of which, I thought you might all get a bit chilly with Winter on the way, so we have 50% off all jumpers for the next 3 days! #freelove 
I'm also really excited about some new Winter pieces which bring in some lovely FURRYness mmmmmm keep your eyes peeled!
We hope you're having a lovely week, and speak to you all again soon!
Sarah & Lizzie

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