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A new-old way of seeing- Sarah 01

A new-old way of seeing- Sarah 01

So I've just released my newest collection- Wabi Sabi! I'm super proud of this one, because it celebrates a new way of seeing beauty , well, really it's an old way of seeing things.
To me, Wabi-Sabi is the art of seeing beauty in the entire picture and journey of life, encompassing triumphs, defeats, highs, lows, dirt, perfect moments, and most of all, healing.
In my opinion, as a consumerist western society, we are all sold the idea of beauty as a kind of, surface level glamour... with perfect lighting, smooth skin, pointless emptiness if need be, so long as it helps sell products.
The ancient Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi gives me hope- because I knew I had the option to see things differently, but I didn't realise that this art form had been expressing this truth, hundreds of years before I was born. I guess I've woken up to the long felt burden of over saturation from advertising, marketing, products, fairytale storylines, female devaluing, success-driven, money worshipping, tired crappy western society.
To be fair, I think a lot of us are. Some find a happy place within it, some find a happy place outside of it , but the structures we have in place make it very hard not to be a part of it or chose better.
The most soul-grabbing aspect of Wabi-Sabi, for me, is that it celebrates the truth I know about being a human being... whereas consumerism makes you feel crap about your humanity to try and get you to buy products that should smooth those cracks over so no-one can see them.
I love cracks. 
"Kintsugi" is about fixing pottery with gold, so that the pot becomes more beautiful than it was before it was broken. Healing and brokenness is beauty.
(Of course gold-fixed pots are broken and sold for profit now, which is a phenomenon that lives up to my low opinions on consumerism. As well, Wabi Sabi within consumerism has become the selling of derelict objects... reminds me of Zoolander.. Derelique!)
Many products have many good attributes- I'm not trying to change world order and strip communities back to hammocking in the woods- although that would be amazing. But the way in which things are sold to us, is brainwashing, and it's making it harder and harder for both younger and older generations to be at peace with who they are, what they look like, with the relationships they have, and their stage in life.
I just wish we could celebrate the WHOLE thing as beautiful, not just the smooth youthful happy parts.
There's a back up plan that big corporations of the world have for if you don't buy the products, or if they wash off in the rain... up pops stigma.
The 3 things I personally receive stigma from is that I am a born again Christian, a vegan, and I'm T-total.
All I'm doing by choosing these ways of life, is making what I support line up with what I care about. We can all chose what we want to be a part of, and by choosing what is right for you, you will be able to find and express yourself in freeing ways. 
Which is why this new collection is called Wabi-Sabi! I'm sharing and celebrating this way of seeing things, because, if you are left feeling empty, unsatisfied and disillusioned by the sparkly glamour that we're saturated in, you're not alone. People have felt that way for thousands of years- it's an ancient old-new way of seeing beauty! Live life your way and don't be sold lies that you don't agree with!
You are perfect just as you are. Be body-positive, skin-positive, gender-positive, diet-positive, faith-positive, age-positive, race-positive, human-positive.
That's Wabi Sabi to me: Human-Positive!
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You deserve to be fought for- Emily- 06

You deserve to be fought for- Emily- 06

You are constantly fighting a battle – even when you are no longer seeing professionals or are no longer on medication or feeling as bad as you used to once before. 
And no one ever gets the recognition they deserve because there are just no words for how challenging mental health can be. And sometimes words just don’t cut what is going on in your head or how to resolve it and you can be muted from expressing what you need to.

But what I can offer is a reminder. A reminder of how strong your soul is. How beautiful your life can be – how beautiful life already is! How brave you are – my god you are so brave! You are never a failure – relapsing and finding things tough is a part of finding yourself and of self-growth.
It is okay to get things wrong or not meet other people’s expectations. It is okay to let someone know they are not supporting you correctly- they are learning just like you. It is okay to be selfish from time to time – being selfish isn’t always a bad thing – you are so important.
You are managing what you can. and you are challenging yourself, which is the most important thing in recovery- challenges- constant challenges. You are an incredible, unique, beautiful soul, full of prospects and possibilities and adventures and amazing experiences.
There are so many unbelievable things to look forward to discovering... Love, kindness, yummy foods, good music, connection, belonging, learning new things, playing games, enjoying animals, acceptance, ice skating, rollercoasters, hobbies, dreaming, storms, seasons, seasons, stars… and you have the capacity to love and enjoy all that life has to offer. We need to learn how to let life in. Say yes to new things, especially when it scares you, to practice overcoming challenges of all sizes.
Believe me – life can be beautiful – give it a chance and be patient with your mind and body. 
I wish I could put into words how absolutely amazing you are doing just getting out of bed each morning and facing the world. You are surviving, you have made it through every day, and you will make it through many more.  
You CAN do this, I believe in you. 
And so do so many others.
Always remember the beauties of the world – whether you can see them yet or not. You will. In time. I promise. 
Your body and mind may scream at you at times, and you will want to give up and you will want to run away from it. But, if you keep fighting, just like you are doing now, you will make it through. You will come out the other side and see things so much more positively. Be patient with yourself, keep working hard and please don’t give up, because:
You deserve to be fought for. You are worthy of love.
You are amazing, you are worthy, you are beautifully imperfect, you are you. 
Pain is Hope- Nima 01

Pain is Hope- Nima 01

Picture the best parts of life.
What do they look like? Laughter? Sunshine? Family? Adventures and friendships?

When people think about life, most would focus on the happy parts as the most special. 
But what if we didn’t see those parts as being the most important? What if we looked at the whole of what we go through: fear; pain; hope; joy? What if there was more than just the good?
Life is a process. A journey. It has ups and downs, it hurts sometimes, it’s hard sometimes. Sometimes it’s wonderful; sometimes it’s unbearable. Sometimes we wish we could pause a moment and keep it forever - sometimes we wish we’d never been born. 
All these moments are what make life so incredible. Without the downs, how would we really, genuinely be able to feel the ups? Without the sadness, how would the happiness feel so raw and incredible? It wouldn’t! 
Pain is important. Pain is strength, pain is hope, pain reminds us of how far we’ve come. Pain warns us that we need something. How would we be able to ask for help if we didn’t ever feel sad? How would we know if something wasn’t right without the ‘gut feeling’?
So, take a step back. Let yourself feel. Embrace it. Accept it. And learn to, in time, love it.
Life is not just made of the good times. It is made of finding those you love in the times where you need a hug. It is made of sorrow and grief, fear and anger. It is made of sunsets and sunrises, a different new day each day. It is made of one incredible story. Your story.
After all, the view from the top is wonderful, yes, but without climbing the mountain we would never be able to see it.

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  • If you are unable to feel happiness and sadness, and often feel numb, you may be experiencing depression, which is a common disruption in brain activity. If you have overwhelming feelings of happiness, sadness, and others, you may be experiencing another mental disruption known by many different names, which causes thoughts and feelings to run in to overdrive.  These can be temporary or on going, and we encourage you to make reaching out a priority- it's a difficult experience which you do not need to go through alone, and by reaching out, you will see that there are many people who can relate to your experience and stand with you, as well as offer you medical, clinical, psychological and spiritual help and support.