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These tight jeans celebrate my steps towards health! Emily- 05

These tight jeans celebrate my steps towards health! Emily- 05

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans
Can you ever find jeans that actually fit?? 

They fit around the waist but are too baggy on the legs, you get a baggy bum but fitting legs.. SUCH a kerfuffle!!! I think you know what I'm talking about- buying jeans can be the worst clothes shopping task of them all – especially if you’re looking for the perfect pair. 

Another thing that can be super difficult with jeans is growing out of them – in any situation.
Whether you’re moving from a 6 to an 8, or a 14 to a 12.

Now, I’m sure a few people are wondering why this must be so difficult. Moving down a size must be a win, right? But, for quite a lot of people, it can be such a difficult step to take- especially if you are living with or have had a past with an eating disorder. 

It can be so scary to move up from your size 4s to get to that size 10, because it is a big reminder of the weight you are putting on-  that is ridiculously scary and can even set some people back. Likewise, if you change size in anyway, panic can set it. What if I’m losing weight again? I don’t want to go back to where I was!
Well, I had one of these moments very recently. I put on a pair of jeans which I’ve always loved but haven’t worn in a while – a few months at least. And they fit me around the waist, but they were too tight for my legs. 
This really hit me by surprise – I’m used to these jeans being baggy and needing a belt – what’s going on? Change can be extremely difficult. Obviously, this reminded me of the weight gain journey I’ve been on for the past 4 years. At first it wasn’t easy to think about. It brought up a lot of insecurities and personal worries about my eating and it really scared me. 
But I spoke it over with a friend- I told them that it really scared me, I felt a bit shook up and we spoke for a while. She reminded me how important it is to feel proud of this. To feel proud of the weight gain and feel happy with the body I have.
And this is what I want to do through this blog. To remind all of you in this tricky clothing situation or any kind of difficult situation, that if you are on any sort of plan to improve your health and physically alter your body to do this, you have been taking positive steps forward and you should feel incredibly proud of yourself!! 

Whether you are battling anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, or various in-betweens and arounds- on your journey of losing & gaining, should feel so proud of yourself and your positive steps and so should everyone around you. No matter how slow, how hard, how mentally draining it is – you are still trying! And that is so amazing! 
Our bodies are the home of great battles, great victories, and are the vessel that keeps us living and experiencing life- they go through a heck of a lot. Clothes are made to celebrate and comfort that home. When they no longer fit, they've served you well, thank you very much, but we're moving forward now.

I know it is so much easier said than done – but see your victories as ignoring your disorder, ignoring what it says and celebrating when you achieve any step in the right direction. 
If you gain weight this week then celebrate with your favourite snack, if you didn’t binge then go on a beautiful walk, if you ate healthy foods then watch your favourite movie – whatever your achievement is – celebrate that step to a healthier life and love yourself for doing that.
It is a huge step to take and you are getting there. Every step you take is a step closer to recovery, even step backwards, it's all part of the journey so we must keep going!
Don’t let your head tell you that going up a size is a bad thing or that eating healthy is anything less than you deserve – we all deserve health and happiness. So, keep taking those steps and remember…
Finding jeans that fit is a nightmare for all of us!


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Darkness cannot defeat Light- Love always wins- EMILY- 05

Darkness cannot defeat Light- Love always wins- EMILY- 05

Our world is full of unconditional love 🌍 
And recently there have been moments that have completley tested these bonds. 
The acts of terrorism that have happened through the last month have been devastating, life changing and unfair. And although lives have been lost and stability challenged- love could not be stronger. 
People opened there homes to strangers, shops fed nursing staff for free, there have been memorials built, concerts sung, money donated, lives saved, injuries mended, and people getting the help that they need in this time of grief. 
Our country has stood up in a time when hate had been released. And not stood up to it with rivalling hate or violence - but with love, empathy and strength. 
It just shows that love always wins. 
In any situation it is always good to love and be loved by the people around you, yourself or even a complete stranger - love comes in many shapes and forms. 
Although everyone is doing all they can to support the people involved- it is so important to remember that not all injuries will be physical and not all effects will be visable.  People will be nervous, people will be scared, people will feel low and without hope. People's mental health may not be in a great place. And that is understandable. But sometimes this can be forgotten along the way. 
So just a reminder the all forms of illness are equal. Physical and mental. They deserve the same amount of support as each other. And it's important that if you are suffering from recent events to tell someone. Whether it's effecting you a lot or its only a passing thought- it's always better to talk about it and be reassured that love is still so strong in this world and have help to do what you need to do to recuperate and recover. 

Our bonds with our loved ones have never been more important! 
So when you're feeling hopeless or scared - remember Love, in whatever form you want to - friendships, family, hobbies, art, music, express and celebrate Love, and remove your focus from fear. Love is always around, in every situation.
Our country has been so incredibly strong to not lose that love and to fight for hope. 

"Hatred can darken life but love will always illuminate it"
The pieces featured in the image above are from the charity collection coming soon- where profits will be donated to the UK fund for terror victims. <3
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You must keep going- EMILY-04

You must keep going- EMILY-04

Take a look at how your life has panned out so far. 
All the hurt, the laughs, the good times and the bad, the people you've met, the negatives, the positives, the decisions, the pride, the fear, the love. 
Everything you have done has led you to where you are right now. 
You may be in a good, a bad or a neutral time of your life - you may even be at a place where you can't see things improving. Where ever you are - it's okay to be here. 
Where ever you are - it is okay. 
You are allowed to feel the way you do. 
But if you are in a negative space then you need to take action. You don't deserve to remain in such a place. You deserve happiness and beauty and to know you are loved and important to this world. 
If you need help - then reach out for it. If you need space - then ask for it. If you can't carry the load - then share it. Things can get better if you let them. 
Take time to learn about yourself and how your mind works - find what makes you feel calm or what makes you laugh and hold onto these things. Find what makes you angry and sad and let them go. Your life is going to be so amazing and so worth living - so keep going and keep challenging yourself - I promise you things will improve over time. 
If you are in positive place in your life then allow yourself to feel the happiness, the joy, the beauty. Let yourself welcome the good times with open arms and hug them until they feel the most amount of love you can offer. Feel proud of how far you've come and how hard you've worked to feel this feeling, to be where you are. Look at what you've achieved. You deserve this positivity to remain with you for as long as it can. 
A good thing to do would be to write down how it feels when you are feeling positive  because when you are feeling low again, you can look at what you felt and remember that the feeling is real. And you can feel it - you can achieve it. Sometimes it takes more work than others but it is there. And it is worth so much to feel the happiness, to laugh and to smile. So never give up on this, never loose hope. Positivity is always there and you can always find it. You just need to look 🌈 
So - where ever you are right now in your life - always remember that happiness exists because you are either feeling it now or on your way to feeling it really soon. And you deserve every drop of it that you can find! So don't loose hope or faith, because I promise you that you will smile again. And it will get easier and easier until one day, to feel happy will be the norm. And that is what you deserve - a beautifully happy life.
"Strength grows in the moments when you think you can't go on but you keep going anyway. So pause, breathe, cry if you must but keep going"
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