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Darkness cannot defeat Light- Love always wins- EMILY- 05

Darkness cannot defeat Light- Love always wins- EMILY- 05

Our world is full of unconditional love ūüĆ欆
And recently there have been moments that have completley tested these bonds. 
The acts of terrorism that have happened through the last month have been devastating, life changing and unfair. And although lives have been lost and stability challenged- love could not be stronger. 
People opened there homes to strangers, shops fed nursing staff for free, there have been memorials built, concerts sung, money donated, lives saved, injuries mended, and people getting the help that they need in this time of grief. 
Our country has stood up in a time when hate had been released. And not stood up to it with rivalling hate or violence - but with love, empathy and strength. 
It just shows that love always wins. 
In any situation it is always good to love and be loved by the people around you, yourself or even a complete stranger - love comes in many shapes and forms. 
Although everyone is doing all they can to support the people involved- it is so important to remember that not all injuries will be physical and not all effects will be visable.  People will be nervous, people will be scared, people will feel low and without hope. People's mental health may not be in a great place. And that is understandable. But sometimes this can be forgotten along the way. 
So just a reminder the all forms of illness are equal. Physical and mental. They deserve the same amount of support as each other. And it's important that if you are suffering from recent events to tell someone. Whether it's effecting you a lot or its only a passing thought- it's always better to talk about it and be reassured that love is still so strong in this world and have help to do what you need to do to recuperate and recover. 

Our bonds with our loved ones have never been more important! 
So when you're feeling hopeless or scared - remember Love, in whatever form you want to - friendships, family, hobbies, art, music, express and celebrate Love, and remove your focus from fear. Love is always around, in every situation.
Our country has been so incredibly strong to not lose that love and to fight for hope. 

"Hatred can darken life but love will always illuminate it"
The pieces featured in the image above are from the charity collection coming soon- where profits will be donated to the UK fund for terror victims. <3
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