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Hels, Day 07: Go after the Gold

Hels, Day 07: Go after the Gold

I think I remember feelings better than memories themselves. From the very beginning, I have always had running through my mind that I need to try experiences that create that little furnace feeling of fear and excitement around them. That this is my chance. That my chance is life! And I use that feeling to propel me forwards. I love to feel something powerful, like having a great gust of wind circle around you as you walk alongside coconut scented gorse bushes by the sea. Spreading my metaphorical wings, it’s liberating for my very being, my core. It’s who I am. One of the nicest things I have ever been told is that I have a real zest for life, and I think I do have a true passion for it.

Meanwhile, one of the wisest things I have ever been told was to walk slowly. And in the same breath, I also need my quiet time. To cocoon in a shell, to regroup. As much as I love basking in life’s sunbeams, out there and exposed to all it can give me and I can offer it, I love the comfort of being by a window under a blanket. Time alone is absolutely essential to me, I come out with my own path in focus. Able to bounce around in the world again. 

I can re-emerge inspired, with ideas for anything from written pieces, to interiors and outfit combinations, even to a change to our way of life, or fresh new outlook on something. Sometimes I simply feel at peace. The true Me, which in turn makes me feel more confident, content and able to go out in the world and do those things that create a flutter or frenzy of feelings inside of me. If I’m lucky through reading, thinking, researching, I will come across some kind of idea that links something together in some way when I’m alone. Like when you have a deep and meaningful conversation and you strike upon some kind of <GOLD> a feeling that the world makes a tiny bit more sense, that you aren’t alone and the future is bright. 

That’s the feeling that I try to convey in my magazine, Lionheart. Those ‘aha’ moments, where some section of life starts to flow, emerge, or become illuminated. Friendly, inspiring, hopeful, kind, passionate – the things we have gently burning inside of all us, bright eyes open. I truly believe in people and I believe the arts are the most precious gift to humans- to express feelings, understand each other and create a feeling.


During: My Time, I love: music; a notepad and pen, magazines, a book, the right lighting (fairy lights and candles, obviously!), a blanket (for the floor or to put around me); calming scented spray, drinks and snacks; comfortable and pretty surroundings and/or a cat. These have been constant since almost forever, but I do accept that I am constantly changing, we all are. For this, I feel lucky.

Music is possibly the most transportive to me, but I love a great TV show or film that leaves you in that state of wonder. Dancing is pure electric joy. I think you can absolutely be on your own in your mind as you listen to music and dance with others. But it’s also collaborative in many ways, you share feelings and lightning bolts as you dance. Deep chats and dance offs will also set my heart to boom. 

These days I would add my three children, I often have moments that make my heart BOOM when I’m not at all expecting it. That’s one of their superpowers, children are surprising and like beautiful rainbows, both sun and rain to confuse and bring colourful magic to your day. From the rush of each of their entrances to my life, it’s felt like they’ve opened up my eyes wider than I could have imagined. I understand the essence of team work even more now and it’s amazing to be within this life and its experiences with my own family, my mini team. Encouraging them to go for it, to try, to follow their hearts and most of all, to listen to their instincts. Or as we call it, ROAR. 

Life can be wild, it can be simple. It can be both. I just spent 15 minutes ‘roaring’ with my five-month-old baby girl and it was one of the best feelings ever, like a glo-stick dancing in my chest!

Thank you for reading, 

Hels / Helen Martin / Lionheart Magazine founding editor and freelance writer / @lionheartmag  

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