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Miri, Day 05: Beauty is Passion

Miri, Day 05: Beauty is Passion

I’m only 10 but I love fashion, although some people seem to think you have to be a certain age to like choosing clothes, I think everyone can be fashionable. Of course you can be fashionable when your 10, anybody can be fashionable; even 2 year olds can be. I like fashion because I can be creative and express myself.

I think people should listen to 10 year olds more, especially if they are struggling with something. People listen to me when I’m saying something important but if people think its not important, 10 year olds tend to be ignored. I know I haven’t got as much life experience as an older person but I still have a lot to say. I’m definitely seen and heard by my family and friends which is great. 

Everyone is beautiful. When someone is passionate about something their beauty shines through. Frida Kahlo was beautiful because she was an amazing artist and embraced her eyebrows. Rosa Parks was beautiful because she stood up for what she believed in and made a real change. Beauty is not just appearance.

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