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Pain is Hope- Nima 01

Pain is Hope- Nima 01

Picture the best parts of life.
What do they look like? Laughter? Sunshine? Family? Adventures and friendships?

When people think about life, most would focus on the happy parts as the most special. 
But what if we didn’t see those parts as being the most important? What if we looked at the whole of what we go through: fear; pain; hope; joy? What if there was more than just the good?
Life is a process. A journey. It has ups and downs, it hurts sometimes, it’s hard sometimes. Sometimes it’s wonderful; sometimes it’s unbearable. Sometimes we wish we could pause a moment and keep it forever - sometimes we wish we’d never been born. 
All these moments are what make life so incredible. Without the downs, how would we really, genuinely be able to feel the ups? Without the sadness, how would the happiness feel so raw and incredible? It wouldn’t! 
Pain is important. Pain is strength, pain is hope, pain reminds us of how far we’ve come. Pain warns us that we need something. How would we be able to ask for help if we didn’t ever feel sad? How would we know if something wasn’t right without the ‘gut feeling’?
So, take a step back. Let yourself feel. Embrace it. Accept it. And learn to, in time, love it.
Life is not just made of the good times. It is made of finding those you love in the times where you need a hug. It is made of sorrow and grief, fear and anger. It is made of sunsets and sunrises, a different new day each day. It is made of one incredible story. Your story.
After all, the view from the top is wonderful, yes, but without climbing the mountain we would never be able to see it.

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  • If you are unable to feel happiness and sadness, and often feel numb, you may be experiencing depression, which is a common disruption in brain activity. If you have overwhelming feelings of happiness, sadness, and others, you may be experiencing another mental disruption known by many different names, which causes thoughts and feelings to run in to overdrive.  These can be temporary or on going, and we encourage you to make reaching out a priority- it's a difficult experience which you do not need to go through alone, and by reaching out, you will see that there are many people who can relate to your experience and stand with you, as well as offer you medical, clinical, psychological and spiritual help and support.

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