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Take a step forwards- EMILY-01

Take a step forwards- EMILY-01

Hello ūüĆą¬†

My name is Emily, and I'm going to be writing blog posts for you- to help you along your tough moments and to remind you of how amazing you are!! As someone who has had a very long mental health journey, I understand how bad things can get and how easy it can be to give up. 
But, I am here to let you all know that the negative times will pass. Things will get easier and you will learn to love and adore the people around you, the life you lead and to see how beautiful the world can be. 
I will try to include some techniques such as; meditation, body acceptance, breathing and others that could be of help, whenever I can during a blog. I'll also include a small quote at the end to sign off. It is important to remember that things take time. Some ideas may not work straight away but if you are patient and practice, it will work much more as time goes on. 

Have faith and keep your chin up. You are beautiful in your own way - Not just outside but inside too. I'm looking forward to sharing more with you!

"It doesn't matter how big or small a step you take, as long as you keep going forwards"

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