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This week, we painted the runway curtains for the guerrilla pop up catwalk #therealcatwalk in Trafalgar Square, organised by Khrystyana from America's next top model. She fights for inclusivity and diversity, by celebrating true beauty- being and loving yourself as you are, and we're behind her all the way! Here's a bit from our gal, Naomi, who experienced the magical day there on Sat 31st August 2019.

On my adventure to London for the majestic REAL CATWALK, I hadn't expected to come away feeling so emotional! In retrospect I had considered feeling joy, empowerment and glee from a lush day out amongst brave and diverse people!

You might see so many gorgeous pictures adorning social media, perhaps conveying that all the models were effortlessly confident, liberated and comfortable. To an extent it seems that way from a distance, but pictures can lie. In any picture, the context is not always covered, the past and future is not captured. Only the present moment. Time is fleeting, people can change over any time period!
For example, some of these wonderful, beautiful people participating in the event were extremely anxious, frightened and insecure in different ways!

With any challenge, it's about how we manage it, how we thrive through it and conquer despite any adversity being experienced either internally or from external sources!
At the event, myself and Sarah met so many incredibly lovely people, I was moved by the energy and genuine affection people expressed for each other, by all the cheeky bums on show and how every body was made to feel valid in their own skin.
With some of my own challenges regarding mental health, I felt inspired by the depth of love buzzing in the air for every single person involved. Every person with a different, glorious body and wonderful mind!

You are truly valid, as a human to not meet any standards but your own, for your body and mind. Please don't assume things about others lives or compare your own in a way which is detrimental. You deserve all of the joy. You have so many options in your life to go on adventures, experiment and instigate change. You have the power and you are absolutely magical.

I hope you have a lush day and many more ahead. Peace out and rock on!

Naomi the Resident Gnome

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