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You deserve to be fought for- Emily- 06

You deserve to be fought for- Emily- 06

You are constantly fighting a battle – even when you are no longer seeing professionals or are no longer on medication or feeling as bad as you used to once before. 
And no one ever gets the recognition they deserve because there are just no words for how challenging mental health can be. And sometimes words just don’t cut what is going on in your head or how to resolve it and you can be muted from expressing what you need to.

But what I can offer is a reminder. A reminder of how strong your soul is. How beautiful your life can be – how beautiful life already is! How brave you are – my god you are so brave! You are never a failure – relapsing and finding things tough is a part of finding yourself and of self-growth.
It is okay to get things wrong or not meet other people’s expectations. It is okay to let someone know they are not supporting you correctly- they are learning just like you. It is okay to be selfish from time to time – being selfish isn’t always a bad thing – you are so important.
You are managing what you can. and you are challenging yourself, which is the most important thing in recovery- challenges- constant challenges. You are an incredible, unique, beautiful soul, full of prospects and possibilities and adventures and amazing experiences.
There are so many unbelievable things to look forward to discovering... Love, kindness, yummy foods, good music, connection, belonging, learning new things, playing games, enjoying animals, acceptance, ice skating, rollercoasters, hobbies, dreaming, storms, seasons, seasons, stars… and you have the capacity to love and enjoy all that life has to offer. We need to learn how to let life in. Say yes to new things, especially when it scares you, to practice overcoming challenges of all sizes.
Believe me – life can be beautiful – give it a chance and be patient with your mind and body. 
I wish I could put into words how absolutely amazing you are doing just getting out of bed each morning and facing the world. You are surviving, you have made it through every day, and you will make it through many more.  
You CAN do this, I believe in you. 
And so do so many others.
Always remember the beauties of the world – whether you can see them yet or not. You will. In time. I promise. 
Your body and mind may scream at you at times, and you will want to give up and you will want to run away from it. But, if you keep fighting, just like you are doing now, you will make it through. You will come out the other side and see things so much more positively. Be patient with yourself, keep working hard and please don’t give up, because:
You deserve to be fought for. You are worthy of love.
You are amazing, you are worthy, you are beautifully imperfect, you are you. 

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Aug 30, 2017

Emily you are amazing and have come so far. Your blogs are excellent and will encourage others to do as well as you xxxx

Elaine Baker

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