Our gorgeous hand painted designs here were made specifically to customise your dungarees. These designs can bring an element of personalisation and fun, or be used to cover up stains, or even change the colour completely!
We do the painting here, we don't make dungarees, so we recommend Lucy & Yak, as they're made ethically, are very comfy, are expanding their size range, have good service, and all of their dungarees are organic.
You can either send us dungarees that you already own, or buy some new and get them sent to us- either from the store or via yourself if you'd like to try them on before sending in.
We recommend smoother fabrics, cotton and denim are perfect- we can use corduroy but the texture will show through the paintings.
More information can be found on each listing! If you can't find what you'd like, send us a custom request- we can paint you anything!