For the Voiceless. 
"It's commonly stated that a picture speaks a thousand words, so for my first collection I painted five - to represent important elements of our earth without the ability to openly communicate for themselves so we can hear, understand and help. These five Voiceless are fading before our very eyes while we lose ourselves in the confines of daily society. Meanwhile, our footprints as a human race trample heavily across the natural ground creating a disruption for which we must now hold ourselves accountable. Look closely; these five: the elephant, the whale, the forest, the wilderness & the polar bear must be heard, must be understood, must be helped. Yes, our journey to awareness might begin with a small painted picture upon a simple t-shirt but from that, I hope that we each learn to speak a thousand words for these Voiceless - then, together, act. So, with our help their time will go on." Emma, WAHP Artist

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