The hairy team isn’t your usual set up! We’re made up of artists who work according to our own individual physical and mental needs, but who try to be there for each other at a communal art studio. We are flexible in participation in order for us to support each other alongside pursuing recovery and art.

If you’re interested in working with us here, come along to a workshop and we can go from there. We focus on using art, fashion and community, to live with mental and physical challenges together. This spans all aspects of humanity- with artists in our studio living with depression, anxiety, PTSD, sexual abuse trauma, eating disorders, ASD, psychosis, mood disorders, physical disabilities, M.E, and various other labels and diagnoses, some of which are helpful, some that are just confusing and some that are stigmatising. These things can been seen as disorders or superpowers, that’s up to each individual human to chose what’s best for them. We are especially keen to meet those who are looking to receive and give to a community, by being present a few times a month, at our studio in Bristol BS161DN. The number of Hairy members present in the studio on any given day is currently between 1 and 6. We are using the next 6 months to work on creating a stable community where there’s always someone here on any given day to be there for any other member and break isolation. We’re not working to create a large community, but a valuable one.

Meet the team


Sarah’s the boss, she owns the business, dishes out jobs, and generally steers the ship. She’s in the studio 9-5 on Mondays and Tuesdays, until her kids are a bit older at which point she can work more days. But don’t be fooled, she’s no part timer- she fits 5days worth of work in to those two days which can be a challenge. A good chunk of the designs in store are designed and made by Sarah, made to order, with the help of the hairy team who are training and growing towards various Hairy adventures. Custom orders are also organised by Sarah who can select the strongest Hairy artist for each custom painting job.

"THE GURU" Aimee

Aimee is the guru for the very simple reason that she has so many answers to questions big and small. Aimee paints in a very similar way to Sarah, so is her main co-painter, as together they can whip out weekly website orders or 150 wholesale garments in one day together, and still love each other as a strong team by 5pm. One of Aimee’s super powers is pet portraits! At the end of August, Aimee had her first baby, so is now on a flexible maternity leave according to her wants and needs.Aimee brings animal therapy to WAHP through Gerry the gorgeous doggo!


As an incredibly friendly nature lover, our little gnome Naomi brings all the cute and cheeky positivity she can to the studio. Often creating thrifted one off pieces with magical puns and meaningful items or animals, her pieces get snapped up quick! One of her super powers is the ability to rename everything with a new and creative vocabulary, bring fun and vibrance to the mundane. Naomi is studying at uni, and is working on developing art therapy within WAHP in the future.


Our amazing marathon giggler Missy is the go-to artist for pieces that are fantastical, mystical and magical, dropping the usual WAHP illustrations for wild painterly masterpieces. Amazed by the world and with a beautiful enjoyment of the weird and wonderful, she brings joy everywhere she goes.


Our clicky little grasshopper Emily, leaps through the world snapping and capturing all the beauty that is often overlooked and under appreciated. She fights for bringing self love, self esteem and a sense of belonging to every shoot, capturing blinding beauty and spreading the hairy love. She’s taking a short rest at the moment, ready to come back soon.

"MOONDUST" Kayleigh

The diversity of artistic talent reaches new levels with Kayleigh’s photo realistic abilities! Our moon worshipping, Crystal lover brings mysterious and gorgeous power to the studio, and she’s always there to love and support the team. As a teaching assistant at a special needs school, she’s sometimes a rare gem but well worth the wait.


"THE SHERIF" Andrea is on a short break

"SHAPESHIFTER" Natialie is on a short break


You might have noticed that of the members above, only Sarah and Missy are currently at WAHP. This is because of changes with the end of Summer and the fluctuations of setting up a social enterprise. We will keep this page updated every 3-6 months, hopefully showing good progress in growing our community. 

We have had an amazing year so far connecting together. Our personal and group reviews & evaluations in August showed a huge satisfaction, appreciation and sense of belonging for the majority of the team, that this project is helping financially and emotionally, everyone feels safe and there have been no negative issues that need attention. 

We currently have 2 new artists waiting to try out coming to the studio, but they’re not in Bristol, which is going to be essential for commitment. If you or anyone you know would like to see what it’s like here or send us referrals through a local organisation, please help us to connect!