About Us

Hello! I'm Sarah Caulfield and I started WAHP a few years ago now- I paint all of the garments myself, as well as doing the photoshoots, marketing, admin, designing, warrior workshops and packaging/posting.
WAHP is a small fashion brand that is all about art and love.
All the garments are made to order in 6-16 days- so each piece is made just for the person who buys it, and no two garments are ever the same, how fun!! 
My main passion here at WAHP is to change the message portrayed by fashion brands, by saying, you're perfect as you are! This is told through a couple of different ways- mainly through the fun clothing, the Model Programme, our BeautyIsFreedom Campaign, and our Warrior Workshops.
WAHP is a social enterprise- all profits are reinvested in to our 'Hairies' and 'Warriors':

'Hairies' are those who are part of our model programme, who come to build up self esteem at WAHP, and to celebrate their natural un-retouched true beauty, to show others that imperfection is perfection.
'Warriors' are those who are part of our workshops, who spend time creating art at WAHP, as a therapeutic outlet for eating disorders, anxiety and depression. We are also starting to give these warriors jobs!

WAHP are proud to currently support and encourage over 100 hairies & warriors across the UK.

WAHP relies on sales to continue doing this, so please feel justified in treating yourself today!