About Us

Hello! I started WAHP a few years ago now- I design and paint garments, as well as doing photoshoots, marketing, social media, admin, warrior workshops and packaging/posting.
WAHP is a small fashion brand and social enterprise that is all about art and love.
All the garments are made to order in 6-16 days- so each piece is made just for the person who buys it, and no two garments are ever the same, how fun!! 
My main passion here at WAHP is to change the message portrayed by fashion brands, by saying, you're perfect as you are! This is shared through the fun clothing, the Model Programme, the BeautyIsFreedom Campaign, and the Warrior Workshops.
All profits are invested in to our Hairies & Warriors: 'Hairies' are those who are part of our model programme and get-togethers, who come to build up self esteem at WAHP, and to celebrate their natural un-retouched true beauty, to show others that imperfection is perfection. 'Warriors' are those who are part of our workshops, who spend time creating art at WAHP, as a therapeutic outlet for eating disorders, anxiety and depression. Some warriors have started franchising with WAHP, where they can create art and sell their work to the public!

WAHP are proud to currently support and encourage over 100 hairies & warriors across the UK. AIMEE@WEAREHAIRYPEOPLE.CO.UK

Hey! 3 years ago I joined the Warrior Workshops, to help get me through a rough patch in my mental health. I wouldn't let Sarah take a picture of me to start with, but after a while I got my pizazz back and joined the Model Programme as well! After learning how to create wearable art through the workshops, and pursuing my journey of recovery with the support of WAHP, I gained the skills and confidence needed to become a painter at WAHP and I'm now the first franchisee to start working with Sarah! As well as clothes, I also love painting my face, and have a huge passion for animal therapy, and hope to bring dogs and horses in to the Hairy Therapy Team!
In 2018, I'll be making more collections with Sarah, and running therapeutic art workshops to stand beside others who are in places that I've experienced in the past.
Check out all of my collections so far, here!
Halloo! A couple of years ago I started at WAHP with Warrior Workshops, my main passion has always been photography, and loving & encouraging others. I joined the model programme very quickly, and loved meeting so many fun and supportive gals. My mental health journey is still continuing and growing. This time last year, Sarah was visiting me in a unit, and this year I'm taking over the Model Programme! 
At one point I left bed rest in the unit, to shoot with Sarah, because I believe in the power of community and art, which for me are summed up in photography. Shoots help to break out of the normal and gain confidence. I care about finding the imperfect, because that's what beauty really is, and that's why art is so important- it brings new ways of seeing.
I also post about my recovery journey in the Warrior Blog.
Get in touch with me about modelling at WAHP!
Hi! I met Sarah a few months ago, and have a huge passion for sustainability and the environment. I've painted on clothes for a while, and after experiencing some mental health difficulties, I'm now in my final year of studying Biology in Bristol. I'm going to start as a franchisee at WAHP soon and I'm creating some beautiful pieces which I can't wait to launch, always inspired by the beauty in creatures that are overlooked and underrated.