Warrior Workshops

WAHP runs private and public painting workshops! The bigger public ones are for fun and making friends, and the smaller private ones are for more focussed support. If you are or might be struggling with an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, negative self image or any other bum situation, painting might help you! It's very relaxing, it can help process feelings, and you can meet friends and the WeAreHairyPeople team.
Our home studio is open to those struggling with different situations, in hope that with nurtured support and therapeutic art activities we might be able to help you through dark patches, or to keep you from backsliding. This is a social enterprise, it's not a hospital, therapy or charity.
Coming to receive support, through the private workshops, will be classed as an internship, so it can also work as a valuable asset for your future and open up more opportunities in your career. The most established warriors, who are committed to the brand, have now started designing and painting clothes to sell as WAHP artists!
The studio is in Bristol so you need to be within a reasonable distance that you'd be able to get here. 
The public workshops are bigger and and more open to anyone!

Email me if you'd like to come and meet me or chat about coming to either! sarah@wearehairypeople.co.uk