Warrior Workshops

We run Painting Workshops & Franchisee Painting Positions!

Public Workshops: The workshops are for fun and making friends. If you are or might be struggling with an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, any other mental illnesses or negative self image- painting might help you! It's very relaxing, it can help process feelings, you can meet friends and the We Are Hairy People team.
Location rotates depending on how many people book in.
Next Workshop dates: Tuesday 19th February | Tuesday 9th April | Bank Holiday Monday 27th May | Saturday 27th July
Ticket prices range from £0-15 depending on how many people are interested, what location we need to book, and whether we will be providing clothing or bags to paint on. Tickets go on sale 3 weeks before each event. Once released they will be available to buy here! Please check the date on the listing to ensure you're booking the workshop you intend to.

Email me if you'd like to come and meet me or just to chat! sarah@wearehairypeople.co.uk

Franchising: We are now taking applications for warriors to be able to paint and sell their clothes with WAHP, earning profits from sales. We're doing this as a non-profit, in hope that with nurtured support and therapeutic art activities we might be able to help you through dark patches, or to keep you from backsliding. It also really helps create a sense of purpose and accomplishment through sales (please note that sales can be low and are not our focus, they’re an added bonus to our supportive creative time together). These individuals design & paint from their own home or studio, and come to Sarah's home studio for advise and support. So far, we have 5 franchisees who started at the public warrior workshops, as that's a good place to see how this position would suit you. This is a social enterprise, it's not a hospital, therapy or charity.