We Are Hairy People


Hi! So you'd like something specially made? That's great! Let me tell you how to go about getting it done.

Please email sarah@wearehairypeople.co.uk with a brief explanation of what design you would like on what garment, and I will be able to tell you which custom piece to purchase- A, B, C, D or E, according to the complexity of the deign!

Once you know which piece to buy- A, B, C, D or E, please purchase that custom piece from the custom page and put a little reminder of what you spoke to Sarah about, in the notes at checkout.

We have done hundreds of custom pieces and not had any complaints- we are able to pretty much do anything you ask!

Please let us know if there is a Birthday/gift deadline!

About your custom piece: This is an individually, hand painted piece, made in 6-16 days by an artist in Bristol.

   - 100% Unique

   - Washable, inside out at 30

   - Made specifically for you, with the utmost Love & Care

   - Free UK Shipping

   - Sweatshop-free & Ethical

   - Returns Accepted

   - Packaged by hand