Hand Painted Wood Slice Necklace (Limited edition)

£15.00 GBP

We've hand painted 5 different ocean inspired tiny paintings here, choose your favourite in the drop down menu! 

The necklace is finished with a matte anti-scratch protective layer. Each part is biodegradable, apart from the metal connectors which can be recycled. The black cord is waterproofed, and each slice is 4-5cm wide and varies a bit in shape.

It usually takes about two weeks to create orders, you'll get an initial order confirmation, and then a shipping confirmation once we've created, set, packed and posted it.

As our items are made to order, there is never any wasted left over stock, as we only get what we need, once a customer orders it.

Our freelance artists, are a support group for each other, to pursue mental wellness. We have various mental health challenges that make work difficult. We support each other in creating wearable art, as well as pursuing recovery. The community art studio is run by Sarah, who uses website orders to cover the cost of running the studio, in order to offer it as a free respite care space for the artists who work here, the wider community, and other specialised communities that can benefit. 

We also run subsidised painting workshops for the public, to create opportunities for connection and support within our community in Bristol.

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We hope you love what we make youThis item is non-refundable, as it’s custom made, unless we’ve made a clear error- please do message us about anything like that, so that we can help as much as possible.

We use biodegradable packaging with zero-plastic, to post your order.