Paint at home kit

£5.00 GBP

A paint at home kit with various options, depending on what you already have.

Choose what you’d need out of:

  • A set of fabric paints
  • Stencil brush & detail brush
  • Printable stencils

Set of fabric paints

The mini set of affordable fabric paints, designed for use on any smooth fabric, light or dark, are to be set with a hot iron so that your finished piece can be washed inside out at 30.

You can choose any 6 colours using the

the ‘special instructions’ box,

section at checkout to let us know your choice! We can mix colours for you so feel free to request any colours.

Each pot is 20ml, and we recommend choosing white and black amongst your selection. The 6 pots will be enough for between 3-6 painted items, depending on the designs, and they have screw tops to keep the paint fresh and the pots reusable.

Stencil brush & detail brush

Both these brushes are vegan and don’t drop their bristles everywhere. The tiny brush must be washed regularly as the paint dries quickly. These two brushes are our most useful kinds.

Printable stencils

We can draw out any stencils you’d like. For painting a few bits at home, there is a simple way of making good quality stencils out of paper or card. We can draw out any design you have in mind, which you can the print and cut out the negative space and lay on your fabric to stamp paint on with a stencil brush and creates perfect base shapes, ready to add detail to once dry.

In order for us to draw you the right stencils, please describe what you’d like, what size, and what composition on what garment- this can also be added to

the ‘special instructions’ box,

at checkout. Please bear in mind, if it’s too small/ intricate to cut the negative space out with scissors or a craft knife yourself, then you may be better of doing it freehand. I sometimes use thread/nail scissors for precision.

The artwork will be provided as black line drawings in jpeg A4 format, to print at home, and will include

the ‘special instructions’ box,

and instructions where needed!