Support & Art Therapy for girls with Eating Disorders
We Are Hairy People

Support & Art Therapy for girls with Eating Disorders

We Are Hairy People are opening up our Art Studio to girls who are suffering with Eating Disorders.

Waiting lists for NHS care can be over a year long, and many are told that they're not 'ill enough' yet. With private care costing between £700-2000 per night, care is unaffordable or unavailable for a year to many girls in the UK.

    • A loving, supportive community and therapeutic activities, have been proven to greatly decrease the chance of relapse

    • Creative outlets reduce stress & anxiety and improve self esteem, to fight off eating disorders before they establish themselves

It will only cost us £134 per girl, for 1 Month of Support & Therapy workshops. These will run 3 days a week, 10am-5pm from our Home-Studio in Bristol. We can currently for 6-10 girls in a a time, who will be offered a minimum of 3 months of support, with an open invitation to stay as long necessary.

The girls will get free training in designing & painting on clothing, with their items going up for sale to help sustain their own funding. They will have the option to be part of the Model Programme to help boost their self esteem, and also be trained in fashion photography- shooting all of their own pieces. As a support group together, they will be able to help each other in continuing to chose recovery, and breaking isolation.


We Are Hairy People have worked to build their brand for 3 years, with the sole intent of creating a successful platform from which to help others. The funding that is needed to create and sustain this project, is relatively inexpensive compared to other options, because of the hard work WAHP has put in to becoming self-sustaining.

The Support & Therapy groups are projected to be financially self-sustaining within 2-3 years.


We are currently collecting donations to set up the project and sustain it for the first year- to do this, we need £9,645 total ASAP!