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Custom Painted Upcycling | Eco-Prints | Pet portraits | Charity collaborations

We collaborate with influencers, activists and media personalities, to create designs for their audience. This can be used to fundraise for the collaborator’s chosen charity, or to support their own work and income.

The collaborator explores designs that resonate with them and their audience, then we turn those in to original bespoke artwork. If the collaborator is also an artist, they are welcome to provide the artwork themselves.
It’s then photographed either on the collaborator or a model, ready to be sold on the We Are Hairy People website. We take care of making the garments, fulfilling orders, shipping and customer service, while the collaborator or their chosen charity is paid the profit- there is no upfront cost to the collaborator, but time on ideas, and some content promotion will affect sales.

If you’d like to explore this option with us, we’re happy to chat more anytime- feel free to get in touch, via the chat box, email or the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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