Hairy Ethics

Over the last 5 years, We Are Hairy People has been committed to improving all areas of our work to ensure we are as ethical as we can be. These areas are outlined below, spanning from working conditions of garment makers, through to our heart as a social enterprise.

The Clothing: We Are Hairy People paint on to clothing made by reputable companies, who are members of or certified by independent organisations such as the Fair Wear Foundation, FSC, Oeko-Tex, WRAP & GOTS. These certifications mean that the garments are created under more than ethical working conditions, where workers at all levels of manufacture or 'in the supply chain' from plantation to warehouse are paid fairly and looked after well.

Furthermore, renewable energy is used in the EarthPositive factories, making those pieces Carbon Neutral, as well as all the garments in all three suppliers that we use being made Organic, to reduce pollution and save on mass water waste. 

Please check out the following brands from whom we buy in our blank clothing: StanleyStellaContinentalEarth Positive 

We also collaborate with independent makers such as Nun Bangkok and Lucy & Yak, who are smaller scale and hold even higher standard ethics.

The Artists: Sarah Caulfield is the main artist here at We Are Hairy People. When freelancers are brought in, they are paid £12-16/hour.

We're opening a therapeutic Art Studio to give up to 15 Warriors a chance to own their own futures.

The Paints: All paints are Vegan and Cruelty Free. They are a mixture of non-toxic fabric and screen printing paints, set with an industrial heat press.

The Packaging: The main part of our packaging is a recycled double walled paper sack, with recycled paper order notes & recycled card tags. In circumstances where shops such as Asos requite Polybags, we use biodegradable bags with compost instructions.

The Studio Guidelines: All waste is sorted for recycling here at WAHP, and excess stock is sent to charity shops. We try to eco-brick as much non-recyclable waste as we can, and intend to hold eco-bricking parties, as it is a labour intensive but necessary process.

We use renewable energy to power our studio.

Collections are used to promote love-filled messages, now trying to focus as much as possible on inclusivity, self care and endangered animals. Next we will be launching charity garments to split profits between our mental health work and activism charities, for Climate action, Body Positivity, Gender and Disabled inclusivity, Conservation and other important issues such as molestation.

Animal welfare: No animals, animal testing nor animal products are used in either the painting studio in Bristol or by our trusted suppliers. Furthermore, the WAHP team are all vegan or vegetarian.

The Next Step: We are working on switching to 100% organic materials to reduce worldwide water consumption, and increasing the number of pieces available in more sustainable & biodegradable fabrics such as Bamboo, Tencel Lyocell, and Modal. We're working to push one of the three suppliers we use to focus on switching to renewable energy.

We are continuing to open up our studio to Warriors to access support and new skills. On top of this we are offering them franchise positions as WAHP artists.

Extra Advise: We recommend washing your pieces at low temperatures, and sending them back for repainting at just £10. We hope your garment enjoys a long cared for life, and that you truly enjoy experiencing your wearable art!