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Hand Painted Clothing

We Are Hairy People is a hand painted clothing brand based in Bristol, UK. The name declares all of our imperfections- we are all hairy and that unites us. Imperfection is also what makes art human, and every piece is individually painted by an artist just for you! We work to encourage everyone that you are perfect just as you are, a message often lost in the fashion industry. We run warrior workshops to support girls struggling with eating disorders, anxiety and depression.

Fair wage | Organic | Customisable | Unique | Affordable | Vegan | Ethical | Independent | Zero Waste | Social Enterprise

Endangered Species

We Are Hairy People created a Climate Neutral, fully Organic collection to celebrate many different Endangered Species from around the world, for Every piece comes with an info card on why the creatures are under threat and what you can do to help!

Check out the Behind the Scenes footage below of us individually painting 1045 garments, which are currently available on Asos.

hand drawn clothing

Behind the Scenes

Wowee lots to see!

Sustainable Fashion

We don't create waste here at We Are Hairy People! All pieces are made to order, and most of our work is now Organic, which saves a lot of water and reduces pollution.

Our garments are made by ethical suppliers, who pay garment makers well and look after their living conditions- not just the minimum, but above and beyond! Wind power is used to create the energy needed for manufacture. You can send us garments to paint, as we promote up cycling to re-use clothes!

Our paints are vegan and cruelty-free, with no animal testing. Our packaging is eco, recycled and recyclable or biodegradable!


The artwork is simply breathtaking and the hoodie itself is a great & strong material. After I ironed it, it looked even better. The image I took doesn't do it justice- it looks way better in person!


The loveliest sweater ever, top quality, really soft and Sarah's hand painting is so beautiful. I'm so happy, and never taking it off!


Really love this top, it's so unique and the hand painted sloth design looks really special. I can't believe it's creation was climate neutral!?


Hand Draw Clothing UK & Personalised T-Shirts UK

We can create you anything, and take custom & personalised garment orders- so you can create your own truly unique piece, whether that's a t-shirt, sweater, bag or whatever else you'd like- making yourself or a friend an amazing gift! Click Custom Art in the menu at the top of the page.