Sarah Caulfield (aka wearehairypeople) has been hand painting and upcycling garments since 2012. Starting as a made to order fashion brand, Sarah’s work had been sold in Topshop, Urban outfitters and ASOS, before the brand was evolved into a social enterprise for mental health. Sarah self-funded a community art studio, to create space for connection and creativity. The brand then became focussed on loving the planet too, working with clients such as Pangaia, and reworking items from customers’ own wardrobe using a specialised custom ordering scheme. Sarah has recently become the in-house upcycler for Lucy and Yak, creating limited drops of upcycled stock, which is where you can currently buy hand painted WAHP pieces.

Where to buy

Visit Lucy and Yak to see if there are currently any limited edition pieces available to buy, and follow @wearehairypeople on instagram for sneak peeks, online workshops, and updates for when the next pieces drop!