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Custom Painted Upcycling | Eco-Prints | Pet portraits | Charity collaborations

Request a custom quote (UK only)

• What is the idea for the painting?

• Are you looking for a realistic or illustrative style?

• Is it a small painting, multiple paintings or an all-over the garment idea?

• What is the garment you’re looking to have painted?

• Feel free to add links to images

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Fabric paint is made by mixing acrylic with fabric medium.
Specific painting and setting techniques that have been developed and perfected over the last 12 years, is what makes hairy designs effective and long lasting.

The painted items have been heat set, so the design is secure. Both painted and eco-printed designs from We Are Hairy People can be washed at 30° by turning the garment inside-out and using a gentle wash. Iron on reverse, do not tumble dry.

All of our pieces are made to order- whether they’re eco-printed or painted.

• Eco-printed pieces take about a week to be made, and ship worldwide.
• Painted pieces take about 2 weeks to be made, and ship to the UK only.

Of you’re sending us a garment to be painted, we will start painting as soon as it arrives.

For our eco-printed pieces and pet portrait t-shirts, you don’t need to send a garment.

For custom painted upcycling, you need to send us your clean garment to be painted.

Garments sent in need to be washed and clean, for hygiene reasons within the art studio. Smooth fabric work best, such as T-shirts, sweaters, denim and dress fabric. Cord will work but the texture may have an affect on the painting. No fleece, wool, nor leather. Feel free to message if you need help with this.