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Behind the Scenes: A Sunny Shoot Day for the Iconic Eco-Printed Collection

Model group image

As the sun beamed down, casting a golden glow over the day, an air of excitement and creativity enveloped the set of the latest shoot for the eco-printed organic tees and sweaters collection by Sarah Caulfield, We Are Hairy People. Curated with care and passion, this collection represents a culmination of the most iconic works to date, each design a testament to self-expression, love, nature, and the joy of being oneself.

Rogue T-shirt raccoon vogue printed

The shoot day was a vibrant blend of laughter, self-expression, and furry companionship. With standard, oversized, and boxy tees, alongside cozy hoodies and sweaters, the collection offered a variety of styles to suit every individual. But beyond the garments themselves, the essence of the shoot was rooted in celebrating uniqueness and rejecting the notion of conformity to trends.


Model selection played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life. Comedian Abi Clarke, body positivity influencer Katie Budenberg, and the effortlessly stylish Shyla, a long-time collaborator with the brand, all brought their own flair and personality to the shoot. Joined by the adorable Nyla the sausage dog and Pickle the cocker spaniel, the atmosphere was nothing short of joyous.

Against a backdrop inspired by the brand's new identity, the models were given free rein to express their individual styles, emphasizing the message that true style stems from within and cannot be confined to any one trend or brand. Every tee and sweater served as a canvas for self-expression, adorned with artwork ranging from cute animals to relatable puns, echoing the brand's ethos of embracing one's uniqueness.

Animals spaghetti picnic T-shirt cropped boxy

The styling choices were deliberate yet effortless, allowing each model to shine in their authenticity. The goal was not to prescribe a certain look but to empower individuals to embrace their inherent perfection, reminding wearers that they are already enough, and these garments are simply a celebration of yourself.

Spaghetti picnic, lightweight sweatshirt

As the day drew to a close, the photographs captured the essence of the collection—joy, self-expression, and authenticity.


One of my favourite parts was to develop the film from the Diana Mini, and find out how on earth those speedy unknown snaps came out. I felt that the Diana pics gave the sense of history behind the designs, as they’re evolved from my most loved works of the last decade, and have stood the test of time- powering through without needing trends. The pictures also brought the sense of freedom I wanted from the shoot. You can’t see the designs quite so well in them though so I need a bit more analog practice 😂 but the unpredictability was perfect.

Through the lens of creativity and inclusivity, the shoot day transcended mere fashion photography, becoming a celebration of individuality and self-love, and I hope that shines through in the images.

I love you just the way I am