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Lucy & Yak Hand Painted Dungarees

Lucy & Yak Hand Painted Dungarees

During my two-year hiatus from We Are Hairy People, I embarked on a new adventure at Lucy and Yak, the home of comfy dungarees. Tasked with upcycling their surplus 'yaks', I immersed myself in a whirlwind of creativity, crafting many limited edition designs that breathed new life into perfectly good garments, creating some very loved hand painted dungarees.

Painted raccoon Lucy and yak dungarees

Joining the team at Lucy and Yak was a refreshing change of pace. After years of solitary entrepreneurship coupled with the emotional rollercoaster of managing a community art studio for mental wellness, I took a breath where I didn’t have to take on 5 different full time roles, but could just focus on designing and painting.

Together, we also embraced Neurodiversity Celebration Week, using our designs to spark conversations about the diverse experiences of neurodivergent individuals, including myself, as someone on the autism spectrum and living with ADHD.

But life has a funny way of leading us back to our roots. As my time at Lucy and Yak drew to a close, I found myself longing to reconnect with the heart and soul of We Are Hairy People. From my current makeshift studio in my conservatory, I rediscovered the joy of being true to myself – hairy at heart.

Hand painted hedgehog custom dungarees

Now, requests continue to pour in for the beloved limited edition designs, and I have good news- Every single sought-after, perfected design I’ve made over my time at Lucy and yak, can now be requested as a custom painted piece.. Whether it's a cherished piece from a customer's wardrobe or a find from Lucy and Yak or Vinted, I'm here to breathe new life into old favorites, painting them with playful designs that capture the essence of We Are Hairy People.

Custom painted mushrooms Lucy and yak dungarees

I'm incredibly grateful for my time at Lucy and Yak, where I developed my skills and found inspiration in the collective creativity of the team and managed to create things I never would have otherwise made. The limited edition drops of hand painted dungarees, jumpsuits, jackets, dresses and T-shirts, were all designed and refined within the structure of Lucy and yak, instead of wearehairypeople, so I had people above me who I could go to to get expert feedback from, for the first time- people who knew what they liked and could help me improve my work.

Hand painted Lucy and yak confetti dungarees

Returning to We Are Hairy People isn't just a homecoming – it's felt like a testament to the power of self-discovery, adaptability, flexibility and ultimately, and the courage to develop and change, to come back hairier than ever.

 Custom painted northern lights jumpsuit

So I dive back into the world of hairyness with a renewed sense of purpose, and I’m ready to paint all your clothes with every cute creature under the sun- foxes, otters, badgers, mushrooms, capybaras, red pandas… which hand painted Lucy and yak design was your favourite? And what custom made Lucy and yak dungarees should we make now?

Go get your own custom hand painted lucy and yak dungarees here!

Custom painted mushroom dungarees Lucy and yak