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5 reasons why you should send your clothes to me to be painted

5 reasons why you should send your clothes to me to be painted

The most eco-friendly and sustainable items are the ones you already own.

Sustainable product advertising can be enticing. So much so that it can be tempting to buy another version of what we already have- except now the previous item is on it’s way to, well,  probably landfill, sooner or later. 

If you have clothes you love but don’t wear much, or that are stained, or that you forgot you even had, you might be able to give it a new life by sending it to me to be painted! Here’s some reasons why this might work for you:

  • You’ve got a decent garment, that fits and works for you, but it’s a bit boring and doesn’t suit your mood or personality… let’s paint it! You’d have the experience of a special new garment, while not wasting a piece of clothing and not buying anything new. You could be inspired by absolutely anything, and choose something special and unique to yourself.
  • There’s a piece of clothing that you like or love, but it’s got stains on it… particularly if you like light plain colours and soup… or wear any clothes and have kids… well, we can paint anywhere on the garment, which means we can account for unusual stain locations while we’re designing, and cover them up with paintings!
  • You’d like a special gift for someone, but don’t want to waste money on something that won’t be used, nor pay loads for a specialised item. Perhaps can’t find anything that they’d like, or they don’t use the standard personalised items such as coasters. Do they have loads of mugs? Do they not wear T-shirts? Would you be able to use a more effective base item to create the gift? You could send in something from your own wardrobe, or theirs, or a vinted/charity shop find, and have something truly bespoke added to it, exactly how you and they would like it. The increase in wearability when you add a bespoke painting to the back pocket of your jeans is amazing!
  • You’d like to do more to reduce your impact on the planet? Well, firstly, while the onus is definitely on brands, companies and organisations to stop wrecking the planet, we don’t always feel we have much control or trust in those places. So a painted upcycle could be an uplifting and active choice for yourself, to help make a difference where we do have control. The most sustainable piece is the one you already own, so we are very much hoping to make painted upcycles an option for as many people as possible, and champion this as our best solution. Nothing new gets made, the paints are eco-friendly, you’re voting for a small brand with your money, the delivery is offset with planting trees, and the paintings lasts for years- it’s the best option we’ve created.
  • Sometimes you just love something so much you need to have them all over your clothes! Otters and anteaters and capybaras and lavender and mushrooms and the moon and blossom and monstera and dinosaurs and stars and cats and axoltotls and highland cows and whales and the sun and coral, I could go on forever! Your favourite things, a special memory or an uplifting caption, can be applied anywhere on a garment so they’re with you all day!

You can see our inspiration gallery for painted upcycles here, or get a quote using the contact form at the bottom of the page, here!