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5 Impact driven B-corp fashion brands to know about, for thoughtful shoppers

5 Impact driven B-corp fashion brands to know about, for thoughtful shoppers

These are the B-Corp fashion brands – pioneers in purpose-driven design and guardians of sustainability. Join us as we celebrate the hard work, dedication, and innovation of five standout brands leading the charge for a better fashion industry.

  • Farm Rio: With a burst of color and a sprinkle of Brazilian flair, Farm Rio embodies the spirit of joy and sustainability. As a certified B-Corp, they're not just creating beautiful garments; they're nurturing communities, championing eco-friendly practices, and spreading love for the planet.
  • Pangaia: The fashion innovators on a mission to blend science, style, and sustainability. From seaweed fiber to recycled plastics, every creation is a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly fashion. As you know, I worked with Pangaia to upcycle a lot of their slower selling stock in 2021, and their ethical approach, diligence and clear focus on what’s best for the planet, was incredibly refreshing and encouraging for me to experience first hand.
  • Sezane: Bonjour Sezane, the French sensation. With timeless designs and ethical practices at their core, as a B-Corp, Sezane proudly stands for transparency, fairness, and style that lasts a lifetime. I’m not enough of a grown up to wear these clothes myself, but maybe one day.
  • Veja : Step into the future with Veja – the eco-friendly sneaker brand that's making sustainability cool. From Amazonian rubber to organic cotton, every pair of Veja sneakers tells a story of ethical sourcing, fair labor, and forward-thinking design. As a B-Corp, Veja have rejected ads- something I’ve also done for the last 12 years, for the same reason- clever marketing and styling is fiction, Vera’s quality is reality. Their expensive ethical choices make their shoes cost 5 times more to make than their competitors, but their competitors also spend as much on advertising, leaving the retail prices competitive.
  • Toms: Last but certainly not least, Toms is the trailblazer of compassion. With their iconic One for One model, they've transformed the way we think about giving back, one pair of shoes at a time. As a B-Corp, Toms is not just making shoes; they're making a difference, proving that fashion has the power to change lives.

These five B-Corp fashion brands are leading the way with pride, passion, and purpose. So next time you're looking to make a statement with your style, choose brands that stand for something bigger – because fashion is about more than just looking good; it's about doing good too. 

Check out the hand painted upcycled garments we made for Pangaia, here.